Cape Piai Reserve

Destination: Cape Piai, Malaysia - the Southernmost Tip of Asia Continent Mainland

Location: N1 16.256 E103 30.591

cAPE Piai

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Mangroves is a forest of various kind of tree that grow between land and the sea in the tropics and subtropics between latitudes 25° N and 25° S.

Mangrove trees have very tough root systems, special bark and leaf structures and other unique adaptations to enable them to survive in their habitat's harsh conditions - enduring scorching heat, mud, and salts that would kill any other plant within hours.
Piai Cape Mangrove Researve
Yet the forests mangroves form are among the most productive and biologically complex ecosystems and may be more important to the health of the Planet Earth than we ever realized.

Mangroves protect coastlines against erosive wave action and strong coastal winds...
... and serve as natural barriers against tsunamis and torrential storms. Mangroves also prevent salt water from intruding into rivers; retain, concentrate and recycle nutrients and remove toxicants through a natural filtering process and; breeding ground for many fishes, crabs, prawns and other marine animals, essential for sustaining a viable fishing industry...
Tanjung Piai Johor
Malaysia Peninsular's West-Coast mangroves are more diverse than anywhere else on earth.

There is a mangrove reserve at Cape Piai in Johor National Park ...
... co-incidentally, it is also the real Asia Mainland southernmost tip [GPS coords: N1 16.256 E103 30.591]

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Piai Cape Mangrove Researve



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