Photography relies on many branches of knowledge and technology more than other creative medium put together. Knowledge on the hardware, the processes and the subject matter greatly influence the work we do in photography. Most of us are not aware the hidden processes behind clicking the shutter on any digital camera are more complex than any other system we have ever experienced.

Almost every knowledge known to mankind is associated with photography - arts, psychology, social science, optics, mechanical engineering, physics, maths, geometry, electronics, computer engineering, fuzzy logics, adaptive control systems, multivariable nonlinear system just to name a few. Some fields in which most ppl never even have ever heard before such as psychophysics can be associated with photography.... just imagine that and the list could be very long.

However, the canny wizard in photographic industry have simplified the art of taking pics so the only requirement imposed on the photographer is just clicking the shutter. The hidden processes are left unnoticed to the CPU in the camera. We can take pictures like this...... but the result is usually average pictures of average scene. If we are lucky enough we may get good or great shot by chance, but "photography" in real sense does not rely on luck! Knowledge and skill must be developed for great picture taking. Some level of understanding beyond clicking the shutter is required to take picture that are more satisfying.... simply means that our picture fulfills the purpose we had in mind when we took it.

If we take photography as a hobby - its not the final prints that we enjoy most, lemme put this way - it's not the destination, but the journey. Plainly the fun is in the doing, not the end result. We photographers, who are seriously into it as a hobby or profession, find as much rewarding in the things that lead to a photograph as in the final end product. This is manipulation, puzzle solving and complex problem solving...

You are invited to AHW photoTALKs, some of uncle.D's 'contributions' to the virtual world of Photography since June 2007. AHW photoTALKs is now reopened since Feb 2nd 2010 after closing down for more than a year, during which AHW wasn't active in dSLR photography.

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