Friday Oct 14th 2011

It is Autumn in Northern hemisphere now!
During uncle.D brief stay_in/visit_to Australia, Japan, UK/Europe, US and Russia in the past three decades uncle.D used to 'celebrate' Autumn. Uncle.D like the autumn shades of color [greenish yellow-yellow-orange-red-brown...], especially those colors from beautiful mapple leaves.

Fortunately, this morning as the sun was rolling high in the sapphire sky some stunning 'autumn-like colors' popped up against the backlight at the corners of uncle.D's home backyard. Without loosing a moment Auncle.D grapped his old dSLR with a 35mm macro lens already attached to it...

Here are some of the shots...

ZD 35mm f3.5 @f5.6 1/250sec ISO200

ZD 35mm f3.5 @f4.0 1/125sec ISO200

ZD 35mm f3.5 @f8 1/350sec ISO200

ZD 35mm f3.5 @f4.5 1/180sec ISO200

ZD 35mm f3.5 @f5.6 1/180sec ISO200

Saturday Jan 12th 2008
It is bright, clear and sunny day. There are lots of fruit trees and bushes behind uncle.D house. Few species of birds, insects, arachnids could be found there. Some of the Insects and Arachnids found beneath those canopy...

"Flying Devil Spider" as uncle.D call it.... [observe the pattern on the spider back...]
ZD 35mm f3.5 macro @ f9.0 1/30sec ISO200

This bee is making honey comb and babies under the leaves of mangostein, stings...
ZD 35mm f3.5 macro @ f11 1/160sec ISO200

This dragonfly was spotted Friday 11th late afternoon on one of the rambutan branches.
This insect was here again on Jan 12th - must be the same dragonfly spotted on previous day.
Look at the wing details. They are more complex than the aeroplane wing structures.


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