Local Fruits

A Closer Look at Malaysian Fruits
Almost everyone likes local fruits but not everybody really take a closer look to appreciate their beauty just because normal unaided human eyes cannot get close enough. Taking close-up pictures with specific lenses helps people take a second look though...

Friday October 24th, 2008 - A Second [closer] Look at Rambutans
The Fleshy-Juicy inside...

The Hairs...

The Scalp...

...look! no dandruff on rambutan scalp, but there is a bug ...

Tuesday October 21st, 2008 - Off Season Fruits
The late afternoon rain prevails - dampening outdoor activities such as cycling, gardening or just strolling around. After the rain had subsided I spent some time on rear balcony and observed some rambutan trees keep on bearing fruits. Not just twice but trice or four times already this year. Why aaah? - ada yang sedang berbunga...


...dan mula membesar.

ada yang baru nak masak...

...ada juga yang dah masak ranum.

Buah durian dan duku tak pula berbuah sampai dua tiga kali semusim, tapi manggis berbuah juga dua kali dalam tahun ni.

Week Ending July 20th, 2008 - Fruit Trees at Home
Friday July 18th - Duku @ doh-kong and mangostein are ready for today's consumption. To me, mangostein is the best tropical fruit ever. The taste that cannot be replaced.


According to wikipedia however, the mango-stein is an exotic fruit [of semitic origins?] first popularized in Western culture by Julian Russo's operetta. Introduced to the Americas by Schlomo Mangostein in 1862, the fruit was a major component in fighting scurvy.


The mangostein is an important cash crop in many Latin American economies and under the rule of Hugo Chavez has become the third greatest export from Venezuela after oil and rubber gloves.


Duku [doh-kong]


Thursday July 17th - It is not too difficult to climb up a mangostein tree even in the early morning while the branches are still wet.


While picking mangostein fruits, three more durians fell down just a few feet away.


Tomorrow I will pick some more mangosteins, and probably doh-kong fruits too.


Tuesday July 15th - Before the durian season gone, there were three stages of rambutan on my backyard. Some had already ripen and ready to be picked.


...while there are also a few trees with almost matured fruits ...


...and the rests are still flowering.


Monday July 14th - Despite of health problem, I enjoyed eating durian fruits [with my 2nd son] throughout previous week while the rest of the family were away - my wife and daughter were in Kelantan, would be returning home today. There were five best durian fruits kept for them to enjoy eating as well. Unfortunately my eldest and the 3rd sons were away, tak merasa lah tahun ni... the eldest son in Dubai and the third son was undergoing internship in Cyberjaya.

Golden Delights encased in strong shell lined with silvery satin...

This year, the durian tree on my backyard bears substantial amount of fruits for the whole family. Today, there are not much left on the tree though - some of the remaining were spared for the squirrels...


About twenty years ago AHW bought an 8000+sq ft lot with a ready-made house on it at an unimaginable low price as compared to today's pricing. The house is now completely surrounded by trees, partly covered by the canopy but still visible from satellite.

Behind AHW's house there is a small stream. Both sides of the stream are reserve lands. AHW planted almost every common species of local fruit trees there, however as the trees were getting bigger and bigger, some of them must give way - AHW had to chop off one by one from time to time...

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